There is no path

There are no easy answers but it helps to share with others who are asking questions as they live through their own experiences.
I found this really helpful with my own.

Run for your life


This week is the anniversary of my dad’s death and so, unsurprisingly, over the last few weeks I have had many moments of thinking ‘this time last year…’ and a reliving of the end of his life.

I have been reading Edward Hirsch’s beautiful poem Gabriel, which tells the story of the life and death of his adopted son. It’s a raw, profoundly human work which has been described as a masterpiece of sorrow. It’s a poem without punctuation which meant that often I realised that I had read the lines wrongly and would need to go back and put a pause or an emphasis in a different place. This style fits the subject so well because reading about the death of a man in his twenties should not be smooth or easy; it seems right that it’s halting and complex.

He says

‘I did not know that the…

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