Lessons from a Loser: Part 2

I too have been positively influenced by Richard Rohr and frequent fail and mess up so enjoyed reading this very much.

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Failing to Learn

I am great at mistakes. Given that I mess up on a daily basis it seems somewhat strange that I still struggle with failure. For the second piece in this short series I am indebted to three very successful people who are helping me learn how to lose.

One of the best books I’ve read this year is “Falling Upward,” by the Franciscan, Richard Rohr. Rohr makes a bold and, to me at least, frightening claim. In the second half of life, he suggests, our successes have nothing left to teach us. Rohr’s logic follows. In the first half of life we rightly dwell on our successes. We are confident of our strengths, come to know what skills we have to offer and grow in self-belief. While vital, these lessons only get us so far. If we’re to go further Rohr contends, then we must put success…

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