Discover Video Games at Greenbelt

This blog is by a friend Andy Robertson who is running a stream at this year’s Greenbelt looking at how we can engage meaningfully in video games and is running the interACT stream. Have a read and why not come along to this year’s Greenbelt to check it out?

Discover Video Games at Greenbelt with Andy Robertson


Vote Remain, Take Back Control: A Personal View on the EU Referendum

Politics and Analysis

By Danny Rye

Many of you have already made up your mind: some of you like me are, instinctively, ‘Remainers’, others of you ‘Leavers’. Some of you may genuinely have been persuaded by the arguments of one side or the other. Some of you perhaps have still not made up your minds which way to go. Nearly all of you, I imagine, can’t wait for this to be over.  I have already voted Remain by post, but I have spent much of the time since attempting to formulate why I am doing so. I realise that as I have tried to do so, many of my feelings are contradictory, muddled and inconsistent. I suspect I am not alone in this.

Part of the problem is that the EU, rather like the constitution, is something that our attention has always been deflected from: we have been told ‘people are more concerned…

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